EPD Performs Load Testing on Liquid Cooled Permanent Magnet Motor from LCDrives

March 2021 – At Electronic Power Design (EPD), our research and development team is constantly on the lookout for new partners who share our commitment to innovation, quality, safety, and sustainability. Recently, we worked with the LCDrives team, whose liquid cooled permanent magnet (PM) motor is leading the field in helping to reduce carbon outputs by improving efficiency. We were proud to partner with LCDrives to complete load testing of the company’s unique patented permanent magnet motor.

As diverse industries continue to increase their commitment to green energy production, we believe that the LCDrives LC50 PM motor will play an important role. The various applications of this permanent magnet motor are extensive, due to its extremely high energy density. From marine propulsion to offshore drilling, any space-challenged application will be a prime candidate. In addition, industries impacted by harsh environments will benefit from using the motor, due to its high ingress protection design.

EPD’s full-featured, flexible testing assets facilitated this key benchmark test. Our R&D team tested the LCDrives LC50 PM motor on our test bench, with a serial coupling to another electric motor. We chose this set up to reduce energy consumption. As the load-motor enters a regenerative state it delivers power back to the grid.

Using active heat exchangers, transformers, DC motors, 4-quadrant DC drives and a suitably sized variable frequency drive (VFD) to complete the test, our team witnessed an impressive 3,000+ Nm of torque from the compact LC50 permanent magnet motor’s prototype test configuration. The production machine will have the ability to produce a jaw-dropping 12,520 Nm of torque (calculated) throughout its speed range.

LCDrives’ patented cooling design is poised to deliver industry-leading energy density to support diverse applications, including marine propulsion. We hope our successful testing of this LC50 PM motor brings about earlier adoption and commercialization of this amazing new technology. If your team is interested in learning more about our industry-leading testing assets, please reach out today.

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