Industries Served

EPD has served as a trusted source of power systems expertise for companies and governments throughout the world. We have a long history of managing key systems in large-scale, billion-dollar projects with speed and precision. Our teams have the knowledge, experience and technical prowess necessary to consider potential issues from all angles, reduce risks and increase project successes through efficient and effective planning, coordination and implementation. To see how EPD solutions have helped others achieve a variety of goals, check out statistics we’ve gathered from a sampling of past projects over the years…

data center

Information Technology

Data Centers | Critical Power Distribution | Energy Storage Systems | E-Houses

Steel Mill


Steel Mills | Plastics | Textiles | Energy Storage Systems | Marine Service Vessels

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Power Plant Equipment | Solar Power

mining 500x700


Aggregate Dredge | Mining Dredge | Pump Dredge

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Oil & Gas

Offshore Drilling Rigs | Crane Controls | Drawworks Foot Throttles | Land Drilling Rigs

treatment plant


Water Generators | Water Plants Waste | Water Plants



Integrated | Power Centers