Electronic Power Design Delivers IEC Distribution Panels

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January 2021 - Electronic Power Design (EPD) recently completed and delivered a large batch of 230V/400V/50 Hz. IEC distribution panels for another satisfied client.  The compact IP-66 panels were specially designed to operate in harsh ambient conditions. When diving into the features of our IEC distribution panels, it becomes clear why our client chose EPD for their project.

EPD's IEC Distributions Panels

IEC Distriution Panel Opened Up

The circuit breakers are all fitted with padlock hasps, making them much more secure.

We built these panels while keeping the client's specific needs in mind. They needed to be flexible, redundant, and safe, all while operating in harsh ambient conditions.

Their resistance to dust and splashing water make them well suited for both indoor and outdoor use.  Additionally, the ability to wall-mount the distribution panels provide placement flexibility, reducing the need for floor space.

Flexibility and a high level of redundancy were achieved by configuring the panels for dual incoming service between 100A and 400Amps. and a fully rated tin plated copper bus braced for 15 kAIC was used for distribution.

Several of the miniature feeder circuit breakers featured a residual current protective device (RCD) to prevent electrical shocks and electrical fires in certain work areas.  As a result, the RCD operated circuit breakers quickly and safely cut the power to the monitored circuit if a differential current of 30 mA is exceeded.  All of the circuit breakers were fitted with padlock hasps to lockout disabled equipment and making it impossible for anyone to accidentally switch the breaker. All these features combined made our IEC distribution panels the perfect solution for our client’s project.

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These modular distribution panels are an excellent choice for car-wash, workshops, UPS distribution, international and other harsh environment applications.  If you would like a panel quote for your upcoming project, please reach out to the EPD sales team at sales@epdltd.com or give us a call at 713-923-1191.