Lunch and Learn with DEIF


May 2021 – Electronic Power Design would like to thank the DEIF team for providing an informative and engaging lunch and learn at our EPD headquarters in Houston last week. Several of our electrical and sales engineers attended the meeting, which provided them all with an overview of the DEIF genset controllers.

The presentation included an introduction to the application of the solution software platform that assists in controller emulation.

“For simple backup applications where you need the Genset to start on command or automatically if the mains fail, DEIF offers a range of single generator controllers featuring varying I/Os, multiple functions, engine interface on CAN, programmable logic features”


This unique power management software package uses and verifies the functions of the entire system. Our team observed the value of DEIF multiple ranges of single generator controllers that provide numerous functions and programable features. DEIF team members Chad and Rahul answered all of our technical questions thoroughly and expanded on real-world application examples. Aside from conducting our own in-house research and development to find the best-suited components, we also rely on vendors like DEIF to keep our teams up to date on the latest and most remarkable and ever-evolving technologies.

Here at Electronic Power Design, we are enthusiastic about future collaboration with DEIF and other vendors. We continually strive for up-to-date market trends to maintain the level of excellence in product performance.