EPD’s New Punch Laser Machine Expands In-House Fabrication Capabilities

October 2021 – EPD is equipping customers with greater flexibility, efficiency and speed in punching, cutting and sorting parts for their projects, thanks to its investment in an Amada ACIES Punch/Laser CNC Machine (ACIES). The state-of-the-art machine is lauded by manufacturing experts worldwide for its unrivalled productivity and scratch-free processing of complex sheet metal components. “Providing our customers with the most advanced fabrication capabilities is important to us because it enables both our customers and EPD to meet the growing demand for quick turn-arounds and shorter delivery times,” said John Janik, CEO of EPD.

Fabricating Parts With Speed and Precision

Fast and versatile, the ACIES boasts several features that make it invaluable to EPD’s ever-expanding in-house fabrication capabilities, including:

  • An automatic tool-changing function with 300 tools and two dies per tool

  • The most advanced, energy-efficient laser cutting technology available

  • An automated part sorting mechanism that places finished blanks in pallets

“The ACIES provides a faster solution to machine set-up, part blanking, and part sorting processes than we have previously seen. It also saves our teams an incredible amount of valuable time by eliminating a host of manual processes,” said Josh Stiborik, Mechanical Designer for EPD.

Phenomenal Flexibility for In-House Projects

In addition to enhancing productivity for customers, Justin Rowden, the Sr. Manager of Engineering for EPD maintains the ACIES will empower the company’s in-house fabrication and manufacturing teams to pursue new and more creative innovations with greater speed. “We can now design, process and test pieces at three-times the speed of our previous machine—thanks to ACIES lightning-fast hit rates, versatile punch processing and unlimited flexibility in shape cutting,” said Rowden.

Fabrication Metal Shop Laser CNC Machine Installation
Fabrication Metal Shop Laser CNC Machine

EPD’s Expansive Houston Manufacturing Facility Hosts ACIES

EPD’s Houston-based operation—which boasts over 35,000 square feet in manufacturing space for sheet metal and bus bar fabrication—is where the new ACIES will be housed. In addition to the ACIES, the company’s metal works area offers customers a wealth of cutting-edge machinery enhanced with the latest technology, including:

  • A turret punch and laser machine with an automated material handling system

  • Four press brakes for sheet metal bending

  • Two CNC machines that enable three separate production lines for bus bar fabrication

  • Two ACIES turret machines with automated material welding

  • An ENSIS 3kw fiber laser

  • A spot welder

Exceeding Customer Expectations Through World-Class Solutions

“We're excited to be able to continue to offer our customers the best solutions possible. In a world where people are always seeking faster solutions, EPD’s new ACIES machine ensures we maintain our customer service ‘wow’ factor,” said Felix Gonzalez, Sr. Manager of Marketing and Sales for EPD. To learn more about EPD and how our fabrication capabilities can help you enhance project production times and outcomes, visit our facilities page.

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