General Field Service

EPD provides on-site field, repair and installation services. General field services include transformer installation services, retrofit or remediation.

Power Substation Transformer Dismantling and Removal including downsizing of transformers for shipment off-site or for metal and oil reclamation. Substations breakdown with recycling of the metals and the disposal waste materials. Contact EPD to learn more about power substation transformer dismantling and removal.

Transformer Oil Reclamation helps extend the life of power substation transformers. Oils are processed through a closed loop reclamation unit to remove moisture, gases, and oxidation. Retrofill – Oil Filled Electrical Equipment can be retrofilled in order to be reclassified to non-PCB status through PCB remediation.

Transformer Vacuum Filling is available for new installations or in retrofills. Vacuum filling ensures that all air pockets are removed from the insulation so that the dielectric fluid penetrates all the insulation creating a better dielectric-insulating environment. Electrical Equipment Recycling and Disposal – EPD can manage all of your electrical recycling and disposal needs.