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With some existing systems it is more viable to retrofit the existing equipment rather than replace with new. EPD can retrofit any of the product types that we provide new, if it is possible. Our engineers will check the existing system and, through interaction with the customer, provide a retrofit solution.

In some cases, the retrofit equipment can be built at our facility as a kit, which is then installed in the field. When possible this eliminates costly downtime, allowing our customers to continue operating until the last possible minute. It also reduces the amount of time required to complete the upgrade.

EPD's new Pedestal Crane Upgrade package is the most complete and versatile package available. Using digital DC drives, PLC controls, and enclosed packaging, we provide the best in value and safety. See the link at left for more details.

View EPD's Retrofit Brochure:

Retrofitting - EPD's Pedestal Crane Upgrade