Power Factor Correction & Harmonic Filtration

epd activeharmonicfilter 564x500px 96dpi

EPD knows that, especially for generated power systems, a lousy power factor means the system is operating inefficiently. We also know that excessive harmonic distortion can actually cause improper operation and/or equipment damage. We supply Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtration equipment, which can be a critical part of a power system. These systems can be fixed stage or automated switching type, depending on the system requirements. The automated switching type monitors the Power Factor (PF) or harmonic loads and automatically switches the correct stages on or off. This keeps the PF above the required levels or total harmonic distortion below acceptable levels.

  • Power Factor Correction equipment (PFC) up to 34 kV
  • Harmonic Filters for the 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th, 17th and the 19th harmonics up to 34 kV