Urgent Quick Ship Soft Starters Completed!


September 2020 – Another satisfied customer! A customer needed an off-the-shelf solution in a short amount of time. Electronic Power Design (EPD) was able to deliver a custom designed and manufactured set of Schneider Electric Altistart series 250 Hp soft starters within the customer’s timeline.

The customer reached out to EPD requiring a considerably shorter solid state reduced voltage motor starter due to the limited available space at the customer’s facility than the standard soft starter offered by EPD. To further exacerbate the issue, the customer urgently needed these custom-built soft starters on-site immediately.

Working in collaboration with our customer, EPD expeditiously redesigned the starters’ enclosures to shorten the standard height of 94.5 inches [2400 mm] down to 70 inches [1778 mm]. This resulted in a height reduction of about 25%!

Utilizing EPD’s in-house fabrication capabilities, EPD designed, fabricated, manufactured, tested, and delivered the engineered-to-order soft starters in 5 working days. The typical lead-time for a set of soft starters is about 30 working days or 6 weeks.

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Due to its lean organizational structure, EPD was able to insert this customized order into the production queue without affecting its normal production schedule.

EPD’s excellent customer service and technical expertise are the reason why customers return back to EPD time and time again. If your organization has specific requirements for soft starter dimensions to fit its needs, please reach out to sales@epdltd.com for a consultation.