LV Switchboards FAQ

What are the voltage ranges for your UL 891 LV switchboards?

EPD UL 891 DFS™ LV Switchboards can operate safely up to 600Vac.  The complete range is from 120 to 600Vac.  See the complete specifications on our products page.

In the US, residential and commercial systems are typically 120/240VAC single phase.  Larger commercial and industrial sites will commonly have 480VAC 3 phase coming into the building and will use this voltage level directly for larger loads.  Where office buildings and smaller loads are present, transformers are used to step down the 480VAC to 120-240VAC.  Usually there would either be a single phase 480:120/240VAC transformer or a three phase 208/120VAC secondary voltage.

In the US, the more common low voltages used are multiples of 120VAC.  These include 120, 240, 480, and 600VAC.  The exception is 208VAC and this is used because it takes advantage of a Wye secondary three phase transformer where L-L (line to line) voltage is 208VAC and L-N (line to neutral) voltage is 120VAC.  Since the 120VAC level is required for most small loads and 208VAC is close to 240VAC this type of transformer is commonly used.  Occasionally large buildings may use the L-N of the incoming 480VAC system which is 277VAC single phase.  Since 277VAC is close to 240VAC, many 240VAC nominal loads will be able to run on 277VAC.  Most lighting ballasts can run from 120 to 277VAC.  Many single phase 240VAC nominal motors run from 208 to 277VAC.

What current ratings do you offer in your low voltage switchboards?

The highest rated circuit breaker can distribute up to 6000 amps and is offered in a 3 and 4 pole configuration.

What is the maximum short circuit rating offered in your LV switchboards?

Our DFS™ low voltage switchboards are designed, engineered and braced to withstand up to 200 kA RMS at 240VAC and up to 100 kA RMS at 600VAC.

Can EPD™ UL 891 DFS™ LV Switchboards operate with direct current (DC) power sources?

Yes, our products can be utilized at 250 and 500Vdc.  This makes our product an excellent fit for your stored energy applications.

What industries benefit from your UL 891 LV switchboards?

EPD has equipped construction, data centers, crypto currency, industrial, healthcare, renewable energy and other industries with DFS switchboards.

What protective devices do you provide in your low voltage switchboards?

As an electrical system integrator, EPD has the flexibility to provide circuit breakers, fuses, disconnect switches, metering, surge protection from various manufacturers to best fit the application.

Can you provide generator controls and automatic transfer switches (ATS)?

Yes, EPD has provided ATS and genset controls to our clients in our compact UL 891 low voltage switchboard footprint.

Can you provide fusible switchboards?

Yes, our low voltage switchboards can be supplied with fused disconnect switches.

Can you integrate other automation and controls into your switchboard?

Yes, we offer engineered-to-order iDFS integrated lv switchboards where we can integrate panel boards, lighting controls, monitoring, automation, HVAC controls, lighting, gasoline dispensers and more.

What enclosure ratings do you offer?

NEMA Type 1 and 3R

Type 1 enclosures are suited for indoor use while Type 3R enclosures are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

What bussing options are available?

We offer the highest quality copper and aluminum buss structures.  Buss can be ordered plated with tin or silver and even epoxy coated for maximum protection from the elements.

What depths do you offer in your low voltage switchboards?

Our LV switchboards are designed with modularity and ease of construction in mind.  Our standard enclosure depths offered are:  24”, 36”, 48”, 54" and 60”.

There are supply chain issues all over, does EPD offer expedited delivery?

Since EPD fabricates all sheet metal, copper, engineering design, assembly and wiring in-house, we can manufacture quicker.  We have a large inventory area plus great relationships with the large manufacturers.  So yes, we can typically get your needs out quicker and/or give you other options that meet your needs.

Where are these LV switchboards manufactured?

EPD is proud to manufacture our DFS™ UL 891 low voltage switchboards right here in the USA.  Our production operations are located in Houston Texas within our 250,000 square foot facility.

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