EPD on the Move!

The EPD Team is on the move!  While other organizations might be slowing down, EPD engineers, field service technicians and senior leadership continue to fearlessly navigate travel restrictions to meet client needs across the world.

July 2022 – Our drive to help our clients thrive recently lead us to face-to-face meetings in Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, Illinois, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

These in-person meetings provide significant advantages, including the secure exchange of large amounts of data, more streamlined design processes, and the ability to avoid communication delays from endless email threads and missed phone calls.

Lousiana/Gulf of Mexico

CEO John Janik, Director Dalton Janik, Lead Electrical Design Engineer Charles Sutherland and Senior Sales and Marketing Manager Felix Gonzalez visited our client offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. 

On this visit, we collected a detailed site survey of a similar dredging vessel for reference.  The vessel’s crew provided critical operational insight that will serve to improve our system design.

Fun Fact:

In EPD’s very first project, completed in 1986, we provided complete electrical power system integration for one of Atlantic Trailing Company’s Hopper Dredges. In the decades since, EPD has been involved in the specification, design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, startup and commissioning of dozens of large diesel electric powered dredges in North America.

Cape Canaveral

CEO John Janik, Electrical Design Engineer Prince Varghese, Mechanical Design Engineer Josh Albert, Field Service Supervisor Rammses Bolanos and Senior Sales and Marketing Manager Felix Gonzalez visited our client in Cape Canaveral where they diligently gathered and inspected project data for thoroughness and correctness.

Arctic Region

Recently, a customer request brought the EPD Team all the way up to the Arctic Region.  Our power quality experts performed a system health check and helped our customers determine a best path forward for a system upgrade.  No place is too far for this team!

Our experts are your experts

As one of the largest independent manufacturers of electrical distribution equipment, EPD employs extremely talented in-house engineers. Our staff includes electrical engineers, programmers, mechanical engineers, field service engineers and service technicians, designers, power quality experts and test engineers.

Because our client base is diverse in both geography and markets served, our engineers are proficient with a wide variety of electrical standards governing local and international projects.  EPD produces equipment built to ANSI, NEMA, UL, and various IEC standards.  EPD also offers dual rated or universal equipment to suit many applications worldwide.

Whether you are located across the street here in Houston or across an ocean, EPD experts are ready, willing and able to meet you here or visit your jobsite – wherever in the world you may be!

To learn more about our product offerings visit https://www.electronicpowerdesign.com/electrical-products/  and to learn about our services visit https://www.electronicpowerdesign.com/field-services/.