A Guide to Custom Electrical Switchgear:  Design, Function and Benefits

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Custom electrical switchgear is an important component of any tailored power distribution system.   This gear helps control and protect electrical equipment, ensuring its safety and reliability in industrial and commercial settings.  Whether you are seeking a new switchgear system for your facility or upgrading an existing lineup, understanding the basics of custom electrical switchgear is crucial.

In this guide, we will explore the important aspects of custom electrical switchgear, including its design, functionality and benefits.  We will also answer several common questions to help you make informed decisions about your switchgear needs.

Understanding Custom Electrical Switchgear Design

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Custom electrical switchgear is designed to meet specific requirements for power distribution and control.  The gear can vary in size and complexity, depending on the needs of the application.  Some of the key design features of custom electrical switchgear include:

  • Voltage, Current and Interrupting Ratings: The voltage, current and interrupting ratings of switchgear determine its capacity to handle electrical power.  Higher ratings mean more power can be distributed and controlled.  Generally, price is directly proportional to the voltage, current and power ratings of a system.

  • Circuit Breakers and Fuses: UL 489 and UL 1066 circuit breakers and UL 248 fuses are used to protect electrical equipment from overloading, short circuits or ground faults.  These protective devices are designed and programmed to trip or blow safely when excessive current flows through the system.

  • Busbars and Connectors: Aluminum or copper busbars and connectors provide a path for current to flow through the switchgear.  Busbars may be tinned or silver plated to increase their durability.  These components are designed to handle current efficiently and safely by reducing the risk of electrical arcing or overheating.

The Function of Custom Electrical Switchgear

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Custom electrical switchgear plays a critical role in power distribution systems.  This gear performs several functions which include the following

  • Power Distribution:  Switchgear distributes electrical power from a primary source, such as a generator or utility transformer, to multiple downstream loads.  This allows for efficient and flexible use of power and minimizes the risk of electrical faults by efficiently pairing power generation with load demand.

  • Circuit Protection: Switchgear protects electrical equipment from overloading, ground faults and short circuits.  The gear does this by tripping breakers, consuming sacrificial surge protective devices or safely blowing fuses, disconnecting the affected circuit from the power source.

  • Control and Monitoring: Switchgear can be used to control and monitor the flow of electrical power.  The control and monitoring devices can be programmed to respond to specific conditions, such as a high or low voltage condition, and adjust the power or spinning reserve accordingly.

Custom electrical switchgear offers many benefits for industrial and commercial applications which include

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  • Improved Safety: Switchgear protects electrical equipment from overloading or short circuits, reducing the risk of electrical accidents and damage to equipment and personnel.

  • Increased Reliability: Switchgear helps to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of electrical systems, reducing downtime and improving business productivity.

  • Energy Efficiency: Switchgear allows for efficient use of electrical power, reducing energy waste and lowering operational costs and improving your businesses’ bottom line.

  • Customization: Custom electrical switchgear can be designed to meet specific requirements for power distribution and control.  This customization allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in different applications.  Flexibility can be achieved by being open to using major manufacturer’s power components based on pricing, availability and safety enhancing features.  Examples of these include:  power and energy meters, surge protective devices, power supplies and other balance of system components.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Electrical Switchgear:


Custom electrical switchgear plays a critical role in power distribution systems, protecting electrical equipment and ensuring safety and reliability.  Understanding the design, function, and benefits of custom electrical switchgear is essential for making informed decisions about switchgear needs.  By choosing custom electrical switchgear instead of the off-the-shelf types, businesses can improve safety, increase reliability and achieve greater energy efficiency.  With the right design and customization, custom electrical switchgear can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any industrial or commercial application.  To learn how EPD can create a custom electrical switchgear solution for your upcoming project visit our LV Switchboard Page.

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