John Janik


As EPD's CEO, John Janik brings a wealth of experience, insight and wisdom to every project the company manages. A hands-on leader, Janik is deeply committed to the success of his clients and actively reviews all project milestones to ensure EPD's reputation for excellence is upheld in every endeavor.

John Janik is Chairman, President and CEO of EPD. Experienced and goal-driven, John has a demonstrated track record of success in developing and implementing complex power projects around the world. His expertise in driving efficiency and productivity, coupled with his hands-on management style, inspires team creativity, innovation and enhanced performance. A versatile problem solver, John has developed original solutions for a wide range of power projects in industries such as energy, manufacturing, marine, oil and gas, water, mining and IT, to name a few.

As EPD's leader, John focuses on developing winning strategies, performing in-depth organizational analyses, mentoring leaders, championing international sales, and promoting research and development. In addition, John has over 40 years of experience in electrical engineering, financial structures, cash management, power systems analysis, global tax structures, cost reductions, forecasting, power systems design, budgeting, team building, renewable energy systems, harmonic mitigation, technology integration, and manufacturing installation.

He is an accomplished entrepreneur, who owns and operates several successful companies throughout the world. Fearless in his commitment to empower customers to go further, John is adept at the corporate structural, tax and financial strategies required to set up and manage global organizations.

His deep knowledge across a breadth of industries, and his ability to identify trends and respond to changes with smart and economical solutions, has made him a highly sought after expert in modern power solutions.

John holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, where he designed and built the university's first AC Power Inverter. He also completed advanced studies in Control Theory at the University of Texas in Arlington, Texas.

John is passionate about spending time with his family and supporting his children in pursuits that promote their growth. He has an adventurous spirit and enjoys working with the many unique cultures around the world and helping them open the doors of opportunity.

"There are no secrets to success. It's a result of passion, preparation and hard work; although it's especially gratifying when you can do some good, too."