Carla Leblanc


Carla LeBlanc is the Director and Corporate Advisor of EPD, a role in which she passionately pursues the development and execution of smart business strategies that foster employee alignment with company goals. An insightful leader with a gift for mentoring fellow executives and other company leaders, Carla is adept at building camaraderie in teams, resolving conflicts, and empowering people to work together to accomplish goals.

Her exceptional skills in planning and implementation have enabled her to lead the business development of five facilities and four teams in three countries for the power and energy industry. She is also skilled at quickly assessing a business environment and providing effective solutions, a talent that has served her well as the leader for several start-ups for EPD’s Global Operations.

Logical, with a knack for applying wisdom and insights across industries, Carla brings EPD customers a wealth of knowledge concerning manufacturing in the steel industry, manufacturing and leadership in the chemical industry, and business development in the power and energy industry.

An avid reader with a love for interior design, Carla enjoys keeping up with the latest innovations in design at work and at home. She also relishes spending quality time with family.