Bob Mullins


Bob Mullins brings more than 30 years of legal expertise to EPD in his role as General Counsel. Throughout his career at EPD, he has negotiated and drafted hundreds of corporate documents and agreements for large and small transactions involving numerous US and international public and private companies and government entities. Bob has written contracts covering a wide array of topics such as commercial, construction, power, employment, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Forward-thinking and detail-oriented, he provides expert and strategic legal advice to management that anticipates issues, estimates risks, and weighs the potential impacts of any decision or course of action taken. A skilled communicator with a reputation for demonstrating integrity in all endeavors, Bob creates associations of trust and respect with key stakeholders.

Professional and proactive, he stays abreast of ever-changing government regulations and proposes solutions that either eliminate or mitigate risks. As an ambassador of EPD, Bob represents the company with parties such as regulators, external counsel and clients, while managing complex matters that cut across legal and related areas.

Bob holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Economics from the University of Texas in Austin, TX; and a Doctor of Law from the University of Houston in Houston, TX. An accomplished lawyer and scholar, Mullins has been published in The Houston Law Review and was a member of the prestigious legal honor society, The Order of the Barons.

Bob enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and supporting his beloved longhorns.