Energy Industry

Protect Your Equipment Investment

Electrical Houses keep equipment such as switchgear and electrical controls safe from climate and environmental conditions that can cause damage, corrosion and unsafe conditions for operators. In order to protect electrical equipment, an industrial grade Electrical House is essential because these durably constructed enclosures are specially designed to shelter electrical components from a variety of environments and harsh weather conditions.

The Problem With Most Electrical House Vendors

The majority of electrical house vendors are not electrical equipment experts. As builders, they typically rely on the buyer to purchase all electrical equipment for a house and issue it to them for installation. Unfortunately, because most vendors do not have the electrical knowledge to understand the specific purpose and needs for industrial electrical equipment, the quality of their work and installation is often inferior, which puts both people and equipment at great risk.

One Vendor. One Solution.

EPD provides full-service, turnkey electrical house solutions. Regardless of the type of enclosure you need, we can manage the entire process for you. Moreover, our team of seasoned electrical experts removes the safety risks and stress inherent in outfitting and installing electrical equipment houses by managing all vendor relationships. EPD electrical experts have a deep knowledge of electrical needs across all industries and have developed and installed an array of electrical enclosures, including:

  • Modular Control Buildings
  • Power Control Rooms (PCR)
  • Switchgear Buildings
  • Control Houses
  • Power Houses
  • IntegratedPowerAssemblies(IPA)
  • PrefabricatedElectricalBuildings
  • Walk-in Switchgears
  • Walk-in Enclosures 
  • E-Houses
  • Electrical Houses
  • MCC Buildings

Service – The EPD Difference

EPD offers a wide array of Electrical House services, including: 

  • Custom engineering
  • Determine the appropriate house for the equipment and industry use case
  • Project management
  • Specify and order all electrical equipment
  • Switchboards, drives, MCC, and controls can be customized and manufactured by EPD
  • Purchase and install additional items such as lighting, HVAC, fire suppression, etc. 
  • Integration
  • Install all electrical equipment
  • Site installation and commissioning 
  • Ongoing service and support

Equipment Options

EPD’s field-ready electrical houses can include any of the following equipment:

  • Fork lift holes
  • Lifting eyes
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Switchgear (low and medium voltage) 
  • Variable speed drives and soft starters 
  • UPS
  • Energy Storage Technology
  • PLCs
  • Relay panels
  • Operator equipment controls
  • Fire suppression systems
  • HVAC systems