EPD offers a well-curated collection of variable speed drive systems that deliver superior control for speed and torque for AC motors, such as those in conveyors, fans, pumps, winches, drilling systems, propulsion systems and more. Our DC drive solutions provide variable speed control for DC motors and are ideal for applications requiring low speed control, torque and power.


EPD offers a selection of AC drives featuring components from trusted vendors, like Danfoss/Vacon, Siemens, and Schneider. The drives we build provide the best possible solutions for gaining remarkable energy savings and achieving total effectiveness in production. Our variable speed

AC drives also guarantee the quality and functionality in all phases of an industrial process, from raw materials to finished products. EPD is driven by a passion to provide the best AC drives in the world, and to equip our customers with efficient life-cycle services for all products we offer. The ACdrives featured in our portfolio of products have optimum process control and energy efficiency for electric motors.


A key quality that sets EPD apart is the vast application knowledge of its design team. All of EPD’s design engineers began their careers as field service engineers gaining hands-on experience while completing on-site installation and commissioning activities of motor drives. Through this experience, they have seen a wide array of drive applications and worked side-by-side with customers to implement the exact control and drive operation each required.


A key aspect of drive performance often overlooked is packaging and cooling requirements. EPD’s ability to package drives for harsh environments and ensure proper cooling is what differentiates EPD from all others. We use major components from proven vendors such as Vacon and Siemens; then design the enclosures and cooling arrangements in-house. This gives EPD the ability to design a drive system for a specific environment and application; a service that is typically not available from the standard catalog of major suppliers.


EPD provides a comprehensive range of common DC bus drive products that cover a number of front-end units, inverter units and brake chopper units in the entire power range from 1 to 5300 kW at 380 VAC to 690 VAC. Common DC bus components are used in a multitude of combinations. In a typical DC bus configuration, the drives which are braking can transfer the energy directly to the drives in motoring mode. EPD’s common DC bus product portfolio fulfills all solution demands with a flexible architecture.