EPD Throws Big Crawfish Boil Celebration

EPD's Crawfish Boil

May 2022

May 2022 – EPD recently celebrated its employees with a big crawfish boil. Over 100 employees gathered in the lunchroom on Friday afternoon only to find it decked out with decorations and plenty of crawfish, chicken, and drinks for everyone! The room came alive with energy and filled with excited chatter as everyone prepared for an afternoon of fun and delicious food.

EPD CEO John Janik and EPD employee

EPD CEO John Janik serving crawfish to EPD employee

The luncheon promoted team-building, employee engagement, and helped build camaraderie. John Janik, CEO, wanted a fun way to bring employees together to show his appreciation for their passion in EPD and encourage team building.

The EPD Crawfish Boil was a big hit and everyone had a great time. The team building activities and food bonded the employees and created a vibrant atmosphere at work. Gestures like this preserve company culture and help employees develop a sense of belonging in a work environment. EPD employees are already excited to get together for next year's big event! Here's to EPD's first annual crawfish boil!

Check out more photos from EPD's Crawfish Boil below!